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Sleep Dentistry

Stress Free Dentistry

Many people suffer from dental anxiety. We our best to create relaxing environment and be caring and gentle. However, Many dental procedures are inherently intense and stressful. We want to ensure every patient can get quality dental care comfortably. Thus, we offer a wide variety of sedation options to make your visit truly relaxing and stress free

What sedation choices do I have ?

  • Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas). This is our most popular choice. Almost anyone can use Nitrous Oxide for ANY procedure, even for your regular cleaning. It is effective immediately and only requires about 5 minutes of recovery time afterwards. It is extremely safe and easy to use. We recommend this for anybody with mild to moderate anxiety.  

  • Oral sedation. For some people, Nitrous Oxide may not be a good option due to side effect or inadequate sedation level. In this case, oral sedation will be a perfect option. Simply take a small pill 1 hour before your scheduled procedure and you'll cruise through your procedure with ease. 

  • IV/general sedation. For patients with complicated medical condition or more involved surgical procedure, IV sedation may be the better choice. We've partnered with Board Certified Dental Anesthesiologist to provide safe, reliable and individualized IV or general anesthesia. 

Is dental sedation safe?

There is always risk associated with anesthesia. However, our expert team is highly experienced and well trained in administering dental anesthesia. We conduct vigorous medical history and physical exam to make sure we select the best sedation choice for the particular patient. For high risk groups, we always partner with Board Certified Dental Anesthesiologist to ensure the safety of our patients. 

Does my insurance cover this?

Many PPO Dental Plan provides some coverage for dental sedation. IV sedation may even be covered by your medical insurance. Our patient specialist will assist you in determining your benefits before any procedure to make sure there is no surprises. 

Even without insurance, Nitrous Oxide and Oral Sedation are extremely affordable. 

Image by Jacob Townsend
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