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Uniform Teeth Clear Aligner

We're excited to announce our new partnership with Uniform Teeth to bring the most cutting edge clear aligner technology into our Belmont Practice.


Uniform teeth are a team of talented orthodontic specialists who use patented technology to deliver truly customized clear aligner experience for patients of all ages.

All of our cases are treated by a board certified orthodontist to ensure the highest quality of care and most satisfying result.


Compared to other clear aligners on the market, Uniform Teeth is able to treat broader range of cases (99%) in shorter amount of time.  


Your Aligned Smile in 3 Easy Steps




Free In-Person Consultation With a Licensed Orthodontist


At your appointment, your orthodontist will take 360º X-ray and a 3D intraoral scan. 


We work with you to meticulously plan how each of your teeth will move during the process. 

Align With Ease


Our orthodontic treatment is four times faster than traditional braces, allowing us to align your smile in as few as six months. 


Fewer in-person appointments to tighten wires. Use the Uniform Teeth app to track your progress and keep in touch with your orthodontist.

Celebrate Your New Smile! 


Your orthodontist will work with you to ensure you’re 100% satisfied.


At the end of your treatment, we’ll provide you with free retainers to protect your smile - and your investment. 

Tech-Enabled Care

CBCT Scan for Clear Aligner

The Most Precise Planning

Our patent-pending treatment planning software was developed by our in house team of engineers in collaboration with our orthodontists to make treatment more predictable and precise, allowing for faster treatment times for our patients.

Invisalign Teeth Movement Simulation

Pairing 360° X-rays with 3D Scans

We are the only orthodontic practice in the world to combine the use of a 360° CBCT X-ray and 3D scan to produce a 3D model of teeth all the way down to the roots.


Advanced Devices, Comfortable Care

Although most of our treatments are done through clear aligners, we use the latest tools and technology to seamlessly and conveniently help patients achieve their smile goals. We aren’t afraid to think outside the box.

Clear & Transparent Pricing

Level 1


Monthly Payment Plans Available

Level 1 Teeth Movement

What defines a Level 1 case?

Treatment plans take less than 6 months. Usually, patients who have minor aesthetic changes or who have worn braces in the past qualify as a Level 1 case.

Level 2


Monthly Payment Plans Available

Level 2 Teeth Movement

What defines a Level 2 case?

Level 2 cases typically take between 6 - 10 months. Patients have some crowding, spacing, or misaligned bites.

Level 3


Monthly Payment Plans Available

Level 3 Teeth Movement

What defines a Level 3 case?

Level 3 cases take over 10 months. Patients in this category have significant crowding, spacing, or misaligned bites.

Severely complex cases, based upon time and complexity, may incur a higher cost.

Want to make treatment even more affordable? Uniform Teeth has options:

• Pay with insurance

• Use your FSA/HSA

• Select a monthly payment plan

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