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Restorative Dentistry

at Carlmont Dental Care

At Carlmont Dental Care, we strive to deliver the highest quality restorative dentistry that restores health & function and improves esthetics for our patients. Our dental team always stay up to date on the most cutting edge treatment options. We're proudly offering digital dentistry that delivers highest quality product in shorter amount of time. 



Dental fillings are the most common way to restore a minor cavity, crack or chip on the tooth. We use the highest quality composite resin material on the market that delivers unparalleled esthetic result with strength and longevity. A lot of times, our composite filling is virtually indistinguishable from the rest of your tooth.

We also use GLUMA desensitizer to condition the teeth before any restorations to minimize any post-op sensitivity and ensure the best patient experience.

dental filling.jpg



A dental crown is necessary to protect a tooth when the tooth has lost too much sound tooth structure or sustained extensive trauma. At Carlmont Dental Care, we proudly offer "one day Crown" with CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design & manufacture) technology. Dr. Nancy Jiang personally designs each crown on the computer and our Glidewell I.O in office milling machine makes superb lab quality crowns in as short as 30 minutes.  Patients will get their permanent crowns cemented the same day. 



A dental bridge is a tooth replacement that typically consists of two dental crowns linked together by a pontic, or false tooth. A traditional bridge is supported by the two surrounding teeth, known as abutment teeth, that we reshape to receive the crowns. A bridge can also be supported by a series of dental implants if multiple adjacent teeth are missing. If you are missing a tooth, a bridge will prevent the remaining teeth from shifting out of their proper position.

dental bridge.jpg



A dental implant is a small titanium post that we surgically embed into the jawbone. The implant serves as the root component of a prosthetic tooth. Once the implant is in place, it will fuse to the bone during the process of osseointegration. 

We use digital technology in implants placement to ensure the best outcome. We our in office CBCT scan that takes accurate 3-D Xrays of your jaw bone. We then treatment plan the implant placement on the computer and fabricate surgical guide to ensure the perfect depth and angulation during placement. 



Dentures are the most cost-effective way to replace multiple missing teeth. 

At Carlmont Dental Care, we work closely with our patients to choose the best solution to achieve patients' oral health goals. 

We work experienced local lab technicians to make esthetic, functional dentures that restores patients' confidence and improves their quality of life.

dental dentures.jpg



Ceramic inlays & onlays are good options to restore missing tooth structure when a tooth needs more than a filling, but still have sound tooth structure we want to preserve before moving on to a full coverage crowns. 

Thanks to our CAD/CAM digital dental equipment. Inlays & Onlays can be fabricated in as little as 10 minutes with our in office milling machine and cemented on the same day for the patients. 



At Carlmont Dental Care, we try our best to help patients keep all of their teeth. However, sometimes, teeth do develop severe infections that leave us with no options but extraction. 

We utilize atraumatic extraction technique that ensures comfortable patient experience and preserves bone around the tooth to aid future implant placement. 




When an infection reaches the pulp (nerve) in the tooth, a root canal is necessary to stop the infection and save the tooth. 

We uses the latest instrument and technique to disinfect and shape pulp chamber. We then use anti-bacterial bioceramic sealer and gutta percha to seal the canals to ensure long lasting result. 

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