Emergency Dental Care
at Carlmont Dental Care

Whether you’ve had an accident or are suffering from a lingering pain that’s suddenly become unbearable, an emergency dentist can provide the services you need to alleviate the pain, stop the bleeding, or save your tooth.

An emergency dental visit can resolve any problem with the teeth and gums that a patient needs addressed sooner than a regular appointment can accommodate—including an intolerable toothache, jaw pain and swelling, or a broken tooth.

At Carlmont Dental Care, we understand how stressful and devastating a dental emergency can be. We try our best to offer same day or next day appointment whenever possible. We also virtual visit for non-office hours or our of town patients. With our state of the art equipment, we're able to offer same day treatment that relieve pain and restores lost tooth structure 

When do I need to see emergency dentist?


Any time you have an urgent oral issue that requires immediate attention, you can always give us a call. We can take care of a wide range of problems including severe toothache, swollen gum, difficulty breathing,  broken or fractured tooth due to trauma, broken veneers, dentures and Lost temporary crowns. 

Can emergency dentist remove teeth?

Sometimes a tooth can have severe infection or injury that requires immediate extraction. At Carlmont Dental Care, we carefully examine your area of concern and discuss different treatment options with you. Our goal is to help you make the best choice for your oral health. In addition, our advanced equipment and supply allows us to offer services beyond simple extraction. With the help of CBCT and Bone graft material, we frequently perform same day implant or Bone grafting procedure to restore missing tooth right after extraction. 

Can emergency dentist do root canal?

Root Canal procedure is one of the most commonly performed procedure to treat dental pain and infection. When bacteria reaches the nerve of a tooth due to severe decay or injury, they often cause severe infection that involves excruciating pain and swelling around the problem tooth. At Carlmont Dental Care, we are able to perform same day emergency root canal procedure to relieve the pain and stop infection. 

What could cause tooth pain?

Tooth pain is often a result of tooth infection. However, there're many other reasons that could cause a person to experience tooth pain including sinus infection, chronic clenching or grinding, gum recession etc. 

At Carlmont Dental Care, we understand how disruptive tooth pain can be. We conduct thorough exams to determine the exact cause of the pain. We always try our best to offer immediate pain relief so patients can feel comfortable while we discuss different treatment options. 

What could cause gum swelling?

Gum swelling can be caused by many reasons. Sometimes it could be as simple as a piece of food got stuck underneath the gum and caused some minor inflammation. Other times, it can be related to severe infection of the gum or tooth that requires more advanced intervention. On rare occasion, it can also be related to an oral tumor. 

Gum swelling can be very painful or totally pain free. However, the level of pain is not related to the seriousness of the underlying condition. If you're experiencing gum swelling, it's always good to contact your dentist immediately even if you're not experiencing much pain at all. 

Can emergency dentists do a filling?

Dental injuries happen quite often and they always seem to happen at the least convenient time. At Carlmont Dental Care, we offer same day tooth colored filling. Either you have a chipped corner of a tooth, or an old filling just pops off, we can always help restore your tooth like nothing has happened. 

Sometimes, a major injury could cause the tooth to lose so much structure that a filling can't be properly placed. With our advanced CAD/CAM technology, we are able to offer same day ceramic crown/inlays/onlays to restore the function and beauty of your tooth .

Can an emergency dentist replace a crown on the same day?

YES! At Carlmont Dental Care, our advanced digital technology and equipment help us deliver high quality crowns in as little as 40 minutes. Our patients no longer need to have uncomfortable putty mold taken and wear temporary crowns for 2 weeks or more. After the tooth is properly prepared for the crown, we use intra-oral scanner to take digital impression of the tooth. Dr. Nancy Jiang will the design your crown right away on the computer. After making sure the crown is perfect, our state-of-the-art milling machine can make a lab quality ceramic crown using  Zirconia or E-max materials in as little as 40 minutes. 

While the crown is under fabrication, our patient can enjoy smart TV that offers Netflix, Youtube, Spotify etc. in their private treatment room. Our friendly staff can also provide refreshment towelette or beverages. 

Do you treat or remove wisdom teeth?

At Carlmont Dental Care, we strive to provide our patients with high quality care and ensures maximum safety and comfort for our patients. Dr. Nancy Jiang can remove wisdom teeth in some situation. If the wisdom teeth are impacted and difficult to access, we will refer the patient to our local oral surgeons so that they can receive the best care possible.

Even if we may need to refer the patient to an oral surgeon, we will always provide palliative treatment to help relieve pain and swelling immediately. We also can take in office CBCT to assess the location of the wisdom teeth to better aid the surgeon with surgical planning.

Can an emergency dentist prescribe antibiotics?

When a dental emergency is related to severe infection of the teeth, gum or jaw, Dr. Nancy Jiang can prescribe proper antibiotics to help patient fight the underlying infection. Most Dental infection can only be temporarily controlled by antibiotics. However, antibiotics are often needed to reduce pain and swelling or give patient more time to arrange for definitive treatment. Pain medication is often concurrently prescribed to ensure patient comfort. 

How much will emergency dental visit cost?

People often mistakenly think that emergency visit is more costly than a regular dental visit. This is a misconception because emergency exam often cost less than a comprehensive dental exam. Because a dental emergency can be caused by a wide range of problems, it is hard to predict the cost of the definitive treatment. However, at Carlmont Dental Care, we always work with our patients to maximize their dental insurance benefits and help them achieve their oral health goals by offering different treatment options and  in-house membership plans, payment plans etc.